Coronavirus and Your Safety

Welcome Back

Our top priority is the safety of our patients and our team, so you will see that we have changed the way things are done, in order to take the very best care of you.

When you arrive we will ask you to…

  • Use the hand sanitiser as you enter our practice
  • Let us take your temperature
    We need to reduce the risk of people bringing the virus into the building so we will use a non-contact thermometer as you arrive and if your temperature is high advise you to seek medical advice and return once it is normal.
  • Answer a few general health questions
    To confirm you have not been in contact with anyone with symptoms.
  • Come on your own where possible
    We have to keep the number of people in the building to an absolute minimum.
  • Come to us before you do any shopping
    Lots of bags will make our work to keep the practice clean and safe a lot harder.
  • Wear a mask for the duration of your visit
    If you don’t have one of your own, we will be happy to provide one.
  • Maintain a safe separation from everyone wherever possible
    We will limit the number of people in the practice to ensure that you are never crowded. Whenever possible please remember to maintain a 1 metre plus separation from everyone as you move from one space to another.
  • Pay with a card

In the Consulting Room

Please wash / sanitise your hands again on entering the consulting room.

As part of your examination we will have to be quite close for short periods of time, and we will minimise the risks inherent in this by keeping periods of closer contact to absolute minimum.

We will be using specialist scanning technology to examine the inside of your eyes in minute detail, so we won’t have to get as close to you as we used to.

When choosing frames

Each frame will be sanitised after it has been tried on before going back on display

Please remember to maintain a safe separation when moving within the practice.